5 stars - went to my first class Monday, was a bit nervous about going, but was wrong to be. Such a welcoming, friendly group of people as well as a lovely instructor. Andy is very friendly, professional, fun and can also alter exercises to suit the needs of his clients (due to difficulty/injury etc). Tough but enjoyable class, felt motivated to push myself to a productive workout (which some classes don't do as much). I will certainly be returning, fab class and a fab instructor! 5*+++ thankyou Andy!

Emma - Ludlow, 23rd November 2016

5 stars - Having worked with a number of Personal trainers, I find Andy to be superior. His knowledge, of not only weights/functional movements/health and fitness is unparalleled but also his understanding of nutrition, well being and the human body is impressive to say the least and confidence building when working under his guidance. Call him 'CommAndy' for a wind up.

Nathan - Ludlow, 13th June 2016

5 stars - Having been a client of Andali Fitness for the last 4 weeks. I can tell you that Mr. Silvey pushes you to get your peak effort. I appreciate all that he has done and highly recommend him.

Jack - Abu Dhabi, 3rd October 2015

5 stars - The path to fitness is not always clear and if, like me, the thought of using a Personal Trainer fills you with dread then this is an option that is easy to rule out. However I have discovered that if you find someone that is extremely knowledgable, non judgemental and genuinely interested in your fitness, the results can be truly staggering. Andy Silvey fits this bill perfectly. In 8 weeks with Andy's expert tuition, I have gone from being out of breath climbing the stairs to running nearly 9km in a single session and feeling awesome after it. If you really want to make the change but don't know how to, get in touch with Andali Fitness and you will not regret it. Thanks Andy, you are a life changer.

Garry - Ludlow, 23rd April 2016

5 stars - I have been doing circuits for the past six weeks and the improvement in my fitness has been amazing. I can now see muscles that I didn't know existed. The sessions are well organised and well structured but Andy also manages to make the sessions fun and enjoyable. I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone regardless of their level of fitness. Always look forward to Monday nights.
Thanks Andy!

Juliana - Ludlow, 1st June 2016

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