New Month's Resolution

Each New Year most of us make some sort of promise to ourselves that we will change what we do for the better. But why wait twelve months until we address our fitness, diet, health and lifestyle goals, why not revisit them every month?

When we set our goals we use the acronym S.M.A.R.T: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. When clients tell me they simply want to lose weight I go through a goal setting process with them so that their goal might be “I want to drop two dress sizes by June so that I am confident enough to take my children swimming”.

Once you have a realistic resolution how do you stick with it? Hopefully, these handy points will help:

  1. Be answerable to someone / something.  If you start with a friend, join a fitness group or engage the services of a Personal Trainer you are immediately much more likely to stick with it.

  2. Find something that you think you’ll enjoy. The atmosphere at my fitness sessions is fun so people keep coming. But circuits and PT might not be your thing.  Do something that brings you joy, it could be dancing, swimming or walking, then see where your journey takes you.

  3. Focus on positives and not the negatives. If you eat well for five days and then eat badly one night, focus on the five successful days and get straight back on your eating plan.

  4. Keep chipping away: all diets will achieve the results that they promise but only if you keep to them.  De careful which calorie-restricting plan you follow as some are not particularly healthy.

So, focus on your goals, do something you enjoy, diet healthily, re-engage with your New Month’s Resolution each month until you reach your goal. Hopefully, by then your resolution will be your normal daily routine and a life-long habit.

If you would like help with your diet, fitness goals, sports performance, information on our fitness sessions, Personal training or team events please give me a call or a message.

Happy New Month!!