Exercise Library

Here are tutorials for some of our most beneficial exercises

Alternate elbow Knee

Core, hip flexors, front of shoulders, triceps, chest.

alternate leg reverse table

Lower back, hamstrings, rear of shoulders, triceps.

bench dips

Triceps and front of shoulders

bent over reverse flyes

Upper back, rear of shoulders.


Hamstrings, lower back.

bulgarian split squat

Quadriceps (front of legs), Glutes


Legs, heart and lungs

curl to press

Biceps, shoulders and triceps

donkey kicks

All over cardio vascular and shoulders / arms

goblet squat

Legs and to a lesser extent, the forearms

half sits


high plank 't'

Core, obliques, front of shoulder, triceps.

kettle bell swings

Targets legs if done correctly

kettle bell twists

Core, especially your oblique muscles.


Legs and glutes


Predominantly works the core and fronts of shoulders

press (push) up

Chest and triceps

reverse table thrusts

Hamstrings and lower back

reverse crunches


romanian / straight leg deadlift

Hamstrings and lower back

shoulder taps

Core, triceps and shoulders

side plank reach through

Core, obliques and shoulders

spider plank

Core, hip abductors


Core, abductors, hips.

squat press

Legs, shoulders, triceps.

squat thrusts

Shoulders, legs, core, heart and lungs



star jumps

Legs, heart and lungs.


Core, shoulders, hip flexors, hamstrings, glutes

tuck jumps

Calves, achilles tendon, heart and lungs

turkish get up

Core, legs, shoulders.

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