A different perspective on how we achieve success. See, Understand, Create, Clear, Embrace, Stay, Show.


Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. This will mean different things to different people but if we break the word down into a common seven letter acronym it can help steer us towards whatever goal we have chosen. This can be applied to parenting goals, business goals, life goals or as in this case fitness goals. So let’s break it down to its seven parts:

S - SEE YOUR GOAL: or set your goal. Before we can start moving towards our goal, we first need to define what that goal is. We can        then break that goal down into smaller bite-size chunks that allow us to track our progress.

U - UNDERSTAND THE OBSTACLES: accept that there will be obstacles, mental (motivating ourselves on cold wet days), physical              (niggle, injuries, time) or both. Meet them ahead on and plan around them as they occur.

C - CREATE A POSITIVE MENTAL PICTURE: positivity breeds positivity so if we can adopt a Positive Mental Attitude as much as                possible the journey will be less daunting.

C - CLEAR YOUR MIND OF SELF DOUBT: understand this: if you want it, you will achieve it. It is only you that is holding yourself                back.Try and listen to the positive chimp on your shoulder not the negative one.

E - EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE: look forward to your end goal and equally look forward to the little steps along the way. Fitness is            hard but that in turn makes it that much more rewarding.

S - STAY ON TRACK: the more you stick to your plan the easier your goal is to achieve. If you deviate don’t worry, pick up where you          left off as soon as you can and crack on.

S - SHOW THE WORLD YOU CAN DO IT: if you are answerable to other people, but not necessarily the entire world, you are more              likely to succeed.

And remember, someone else’s goal might be your worst nightmare, so set your own goals, start small and achieve great things!!

Good luck.